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Poston Thu, 25 Oct 2012 7:21 pm

WHY PUT ADS on the FORUM : is a way to advertise your product or service for a select public.
For us: is a form of the site have an income that will be used in maintenance costs.

Target AUDIENCE the site is normally visited by people who are seeking knowledge and answers on Oracle technology. It is the ideal place for ads of computer schools, courses, offers jobs, increase the value of your brand and other related products.

NUMBER of PAGE-VIEWS on average 80,000 page views per month. And increasing. (Ask for the updated quantity by email)
HOW is the announcement a banner in the location that you want. Can be static image, flash, GIF, etc.
Location example: [img]http%20://glufke%20.%20net/upload/upload_files/png%20.%20glufke_anuncio[/img] PLANS advertising is an investment. Sometimes the greatest return is in the medium and long term because it is not always the person interested in your product will buy at that instant. But the long-term advertising makes your tag is fixed, that is, even if the prospect is not buying that day, he will remember your brand when you need that service due to her constant exposure. For this reason, we prefer that the ads are in the medium or long term, because it is the time required for your brand have the exposure and reap the benefits of advertising.

The site has monthly and semester plans.

Contact If you are interested, please contact to work out more details

VALUES the value of banners may vary depending on the location. You can inform by email above, or be an official sponsor via Patreon for $90.00 per month. (About 1 dollar per 1000 pageviews!)
Location: Portland, OR USA

Thomas F. G

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