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Poston Tue, 24 May 2005 4:58 pm

Hello guys, beleza?

This is the first time I'm participating in this forum, I am newbie in the world-oracle pl/sql.
I'm with a doubt here, I have to call a procedure via unix shell.
I was thinking something more or less like this.

c:sqlplus user/pass @ Bank instantiates. minha_procedure but so far I didn't get success, agulem know tell me if I'm on the right track or is there another way to do this?

at the outset I would like to thank all the.
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Poston Wed, 25 May 2005 2:43 pm

In Windows, do it like this:
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D:oracle8BIN>PLUS80W SCOTT/TIGER@banco @aaa.sql
To view a complete listing of all, open the SQL * Plus manual in section 7.
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Thomas F. G

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Poston Mon, 13 Jun 2005 7:01 pm

In unix there is no d: or c:, you must be logged on with the user created for installation of the Bank (usually oracle) and type the following line:
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sqlplus usuario/senha@hoststring procedure.sql
If you run this command in the directory where the procedure and so put the name, case is not type the absolute path of the procedure.

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sqlplus usuario/senha@hoststring home/oracle/procedures/procedure.sql

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