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Dúvidas, dicas e truques de PL/SQL. Aqui também vão assuntos relacionados a pacotes, triggers, funções, Java-Stored Procedures, etc

Poston Mon, 20 Jun 2005 3:00 pm

[size = 150]READ BEFORE CREATING a NEW TOPIC: [/size] ALWAYS do a search before including a new topic. Is well probable that someone has had the same question as you.

[color = blue]Why is it better to respond to an existing topic to create a new one?[/color] * When you keep an existing topic, all participants that receive an email topic stating that someone else sent a message. With this, you are \"calling\" the people there to read your question or answer. That is, people who have had the same question that you have more chance to respond.

* Messages are grouped and more organized!
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