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Union maintains the reduction in the discount at the lowest index of recent years. See more information.

Since the 2006 wage Campaign, we are reducing the percentage of Assistance Contribution. In 2005, the rebate was a workday (3.33%). In 2006, this percentage was reduced to 2.8% in 2007 to 2.3%, and since the 2008 wage Campaign, he was reduced to 1.67%, which corresponds to half a day's work.

The objective of the assistance is financial support discount Union front of the expenses that are incurred due to the Wage Campaigns, and also to implement other improvements that benefit the whole of our category, as explicit in Clause 67 of Collective Labour Convention 2009/2010.

Unlike other entities, the Sindppd/RS guarantees to all workers who are not convinced of the importance of contributing with your entity class, the right to exercise freely their opposition to the health care rebate. For this the Union defined the period from 22 to 26 February for the possibility of opposition to the health care rebate, in respect of the category – in order to guarantee all workers the peace of mind needed to decide on the subject.

Period for opposition to the welfare Of the 22 February 26, 2010 discount, who wishes to oppose the healthcare discount must attend the Sindppd/RS seat with two-way a letter of opposition to the discount. This document defines the individual value and non-transferable. Business hours in the Union is the 9:30 to 11:30 and 1:30 pm to 5:0 pm.

Employees crowded outside of Porto Alegre should send a negative justified by postal service (ECT). The letter must be posted individually between 22 and February 26, 2010 – the date of the stamp of the ECT should be within this period. Letters posted previously or subsequently to this period will not be accepted. In both situations, the letter must bear the full name of the employee, his signature and the name of the company you work for.
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