EBS-opportunity for those who do not have experience/Course?

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Poston Tue, 02 Mar 2010 8:55 am

Guys, good morning.

For you that work with the Applications and has more experience in the subject ...

I'vê been seeing a few vague EBS and in 100% of them, the companies did not give \"a chance\" for those who do not have travel or experience.

Even though you 7, 10 years of Oracle experience (include: Forms, REports, Graphics, SQL, PL/SQL etc ...) anyway, there's no way ...

I wanted an opinion of the company where they work.

Thanks a lot. (I think a lot of people have this question or claim to work with EBS but lack opportunity).
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Poston Tue, 02 Mar 2010 10:34 am


Everyone seeks people with years of experience only. Back to the old story of migrating from technology: Let's say the guy has 10 years working with Oracle, and he wants to program in JAVA--> will have to become Java JR. and win 1000 bucks a month. :-(

With APPS is pretty much the same thing. Unless you find a company that is hiring APPS JR., you will only be able to join if they KILL homeschooled, trying to learn for yourself and doing a course to prove that you have the basics of experience:-S another way is have much luck of a company need to labor over the medium term. Then they open a spot for those who have a lot of experience with ORACLE to go learning apps.

Is sad. In my case it was like this: I worked for more than 8 years with oracle and I'vê always wanted to join the area of APPS. But the thing is a lot more complicated than it sounds, because there are few companies that have. (at least here in the State of Rio Grande do Sul). Until they came up to me a wonderful opportunity to learn APPS. They \"opened an exception\" because I have years with ORACLE and say \"strong\" with the technical issues. Dai managed to go to the area where I'm almost 2 years. (i.e. I'm a mega-newbie in APPS with just 2 years of exp in area).

But for those who want to join in the area, the ideal is the guy go DIGGING on their own until you know a few basic things like: * browsing the APPS * concept of Flex Field (Key Flex Field, Descriptive Flex Field) * Lookups and Value-Set (difference between the 2) * Concurrent Application (how to create and configure) * Request SET (how to create and configure) * concept of Responsibility/Request Group/Menus, etc. * existing Modules in the APPS (GL, AP, PA, AR, PO, HR, etc) * the APPS directory structure (where things are stored) * API used in forms/reports (see oracle EBS Dev Guide/Techinical reference) having knowledge of all these items, you have the ability to start learning about the modules itself. (how does the AP, cycles, and the peculiarities of each system).

The road is long ... but don't get discouraged! If necessary, invest time and maybe some money if possible). For sure who is already studying and taking notions of APPS will be able to stand out when you see these jobs).

Anything, question aí!!!
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Thomas F. G

Poston Tue, 13 Apr 2010 4:54 pm

Good afternoon everyone!

I'm in the same situation!

I have extensive experience (more than 5 years) in customizção/development of modules of an ERP system using the Tools Forms/Reports/PLSQL/APEX/Designer.

Never worked with Oracle EBS, but wanted to have an opportunity to work with him.

It really is very hard to find openings for Oracle EBS Developer Jr. Companies want to hire just the Seniors.

If someone can indicate an opportunity like this for me, I'm going to be widely appreciated.

Hugs to all
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