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Vagas oferecidas. Também é destinado aos tópicos relacionados a Emprego, CLT, PJ, etc. (apenas para registrados)

Poston Fri, 30 Sep 2005 1:21 pm

Rules on the Forum of Vacancies/Jobs if someone has a job offer: * it is mandatory to fill the city/state of the vacancy. Put as much information as possible.

* The title of the message should be: XX-XX being the State YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY UF of the vacancy and the Y * General information of vacancy.

* Topics of slots offered are temporary. I.e. after 1 month will be automatically removed.

* Whenever you include a vacancy, click the check-box \"Ad\"-with this wave will always be at the top of the list of topics. [color = red]This step is made by one of the moderators.[/color] * If the vacancy has been filled, the author of the vacancy may request the withdrawal of the vacancy or just inform you that the position has been filled. (If requesting the deletion of the topic, ask for me-dr_gori-via Private Message) * All vacancies here anuciadas are the responsibility of the advertiser. The site has no ties to any company that publishes vacancies in this space.

* Tip: always place jobs before the end of the month, because they will appear highlighted in the NEWSLETTER of the forum! (sent to the email of all registrants).

[color = red][size = 150]NEW: RSS opportunities![/size][/color]
From July/2008, we have an RSS only with vacancies posted on this forum!
[size = 150]RSS LINK: [/size] [url = ://feeds http . . com/feedburner empregos_oracle] [img]http%20://glufke%20.%20net/oracle/rss%20.%20jpg[/img] [/url] you can add these slots in your favorite RSS reader and always know ORACLE opportunities available!
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Thomas F. G

Poston Wed, 09 Jul 2008 9:39 am

Dear Thomas, there is this check-box \"Ad\" when it opens a new post!

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Poston Wed, 09 Jul 2008 7:45 pm

Marcelo, okay?

This option exists as a \"radio button\", in part, when you create a \"new topic\": Put the topic How to: Normal Fixed Announcement If you have any problem in creating a new topic, please contact us.
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Poston Thu, 10 Jul 2008 8:44 am

Hello cheezburger network is that the moderators, that was already showing up but I'm not sure if it was p/normal users. I changed something in the permissions that might solve the problem. Ask for a test! (not with a normal moderator user):-
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Thomas F. G

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