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Vagas oferecidas. Também é destinado aos tópicos relacionados a Emprego, CLT, PJ, etc. (apenas para registrados)

Poston Tue, 03 Apr 2012 4:13 pm

Good afternoon everyone, I'm looking for job opportunities for working as a dba, if any of our colleagues can send the website link I will be very grateful for help.
Location: São Bernardo do Campo - SP

Poston Sun, 08 Apr 2012 7:42 pm

Hi Lucas, Has some websites where you can find vacancies of DBA. Look for these names from GOOGLE.

-APINFO: you can register your CV for free and follow site opportunities bulletins. It does not send emails to you of opportunities. You need to always stay by querying it (once a week).

-CEVIU: this site usually has to present ads of vacancies for General DBAs (ORACLE, SQLSERVER, DB2). You can register for free on the same. Some vacancies are open to all, but most of them only available if you purchase a subscription plan (much cheaper than the CATHO). You will receive periodically the briefs available slots, but only be able to access most of them if you have a subscription.

-Slots: this site is 100% free, and presents (outnumbered the CEVIU) openings for DBA. You receive informative of available slots in General (not always in DBA);

-HP/IBM: These large companies always need DBAs to outsourcing activities (ex: a company hires the services of DBA from IBM or HP, which allocates a professional DBA to meet the same). I strongly recommend you register your CV on the website of these companies and always keep updated. In some of these sites, you can configure an alert that will send you email whenever you have a groundswell of interest. Companies like this would be good for a beginner DBA experience in productive environments.

-CATHO: offers several waves of technology, but I find your service " dear ", if compared-for example-with the CEVIU. They have 7 free days for those who register the CV on the site. But you need to be attentive enough to cancel the service before the end of the free period, if you really don't want to hire their service;

I believe that there must be many other sites (including ADDS, INFOJOBS, etc) where you can get access to listings of vacancies. These are the ones that pass through me head at the time. For all the above sites, it is important that you always keep your data updated. In some of them (APINFO) your CV can only be viewed by firms fail to update for a long time.

Hugs and good luck!

Sergio Coutinho
Location: Sao Paulo - SP

Poston Mon, 09 Apr 2012 2:42 pm

@Sergio thank you very much for the help I appreciate it, I have a record on all sites you'vê been through, I think the small problem is the issue of experience, because I have no in practice only with the labs and courses that did ...
I'vê got some certifications OCE SQL Expert and OCA 11 g.

I don't know because they don't have experience looking for jobs with salaries equivalent to r $ R $ 3000.00 2500,00. Will the value that I'm asking is unfeasible?

Already in HP talked to a person who works there and for enqnto they will go through a process of downsizing.

Hugs and thank you very much for your help
Location: São Bernardo do Campo - SP

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