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Poston Mon, 26 Oct 2015 2:02 pm

To Larry Ellison, CTO and Chairman of Oracle, the company's main competitors for the future are companies that were born in the last 10 years, no more traditional competitors of the company over the past two or three decades, as IBM and SAP.
" Today we watch in companies like Salesforce, WorkDay and Amazon Web Services. Companies like IBM and SAP are no longer our concern, because they are not in the cloud ", said Ellison to a crowd at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.
When the former ceo of Oracle opens his mouth, as was the case this Sunday during the opening of the Oracle Open World, is always expected a provocation. And although the Executive's statement is somewhat exaggerated, she cast light on some interesting points in the cloud market, a fight that the multinational bought about three years ago.
According to Ellison, Oracle and Microsoft are the only companies that are present in all layers of the cloud, since the infrastructure (IaaS) until the applications (SaaS), passing by platform (PaaS).
" Was a natural part of our plan. We started with applications in the cloud and then we found that our customers needed a platform to customize and develop. Then we realized that we needed to make IaaS also ", said the chairman.
On the applications, the Executive pointed out Salesforce and WorkDay, American management software startup with a focus in human resources as the main competitors.
" SAP, which was once the largest company in the world, application is not a competitor in the market for cloud ", went off Ellison.
As for the platform, Ellison cited Microsoft as the only rival, to nudge the Salesforce, which recently launched platform capabilities to their customers.
They " (Salesforce) has a proprietary platform, which restricts the use of the applications. We prefer to work with open standards like Hadoop, SQL, Sql, Ruby, giving the choice to the customer, even if it is bad for us eventually. It forces us to work better to keep them ", said the founder of Oracle.
On the infrastructure, Oracle's plan is to accelerate, offering products in the same price or even lower than the current leader of AWS, IaaS market, with about of 29%, according to data from Synergy Research published in May this year.
Ellison took the opportunity also to poke one of their historic rivals, IBM, in the segment of IaaS, a point where the Big Blue made high investments in recent times, providing about $ 1.2 billion to expand its network of SoftLayer data centers, including one in Brazil.
IBM made a high investment by SoftLayer, paying $ 1.3 billion to set up the infrastructure for cloud. For Ellison, that doesn't seem to matter much.
AWS " is our main competition in infrastructure. Not see IBM in this thread ", sent Ellison in another one of your taunts.
Despite the incisiveness and numbers, Mr. Ellison's statements must always be heard with a certain skepticism. The nudge of the Executive at IBM, for example, coming up in numbers of Synergy, which puts IBM in third place in terms of overall global cloud billing (including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, private and hybrid clouds), with 7%. Microsoft ranks second, with 10%, behind the AWS.
A detail: the Oracle does not figure in the Top 5 of this ranking, which is supplemented by Google (5%), Salesforce (4%) and Rackspace (3%).
The quote from the WorkDay, startup that is growing in the us market, but that still does not have " large " dog numbers, to the detriment of the SAP is also another example of Ellison's provocations.
Although the SAP is not listed among the first places in the market share of cloud, the company offers to compete with WorkDay, the company that is not present in Brazil. In turn, the German company launched in the country the SuccessFactors, HR application cloud resembling the WorkDay product.
Ellison's statement may have a certain sorrow, inclusive. It is worth remembering that, in 2012, Oracle purchased the Taleo, another developer of HR solutions in the cloud, in a direct reaction to the SAP, which paid $ 3.4 billion for SuccessFactors.
In favour of Oracle. The expectation of the company is close to 2015 a prescription for $ 1.5 billion in its revenue cloud, topping $ 2 billion in 2016.
In the big picture of the Oracle, the value is small compared to the income from the sale of licenses and equipment, which comprise the bulk of the $ 38 billion as the company invoice annually.
On the other hand, the estimated amount by Oracle in the cloud already amounts to a quarter of the expected income for the AWS leader to 2015, which is $ 6 billion. However, to analysts, the market should climb faster, reaching more than $ 240 billion in 2020, according to Forrester.
" the cloud market competition has not yet arrived in the tens or hundreds of billions. But we want to be at the top when you get there ", said the founder of Oracle.

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Adriano Alves
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Poston Mon, 26 Oct 2015 2:08 pm

The Iron Man is very optimistic, Oracle or figure in the Top 5 of the universe Cloud and publicly to say that?
SAP or say nothing, because her business, now it's ERP, but IBM was too much Iron Man.
Location: Brasília

Adriano Alves
---Para cada problema dificil existe uma solução simples.----

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