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Despite singing from the rooftops his new position as a cloud company, Oracle has reserved space for their systems, even in a scenario of slowing down of these products, especially in Latin America and Brazil, where the recent Exchange variation was aggravating.
Amid all this, the Oracle Open World in San Francisco, the company made several announcements in the segment, as the new SPARC processors M7 and T7, with architectures including layers of security and databases directly on silicon, moving applications to the lower layers of the hardware.
\"Oracle is delivering disruptive technologies for memory protection and encryption, while acelerandos in-memory analytics, databases and Java. SPARC systems T7 and M7, as well as the SuperCluster M7 deliver safe and efficient computing ", said John Fowler, Executive VP of Oracle systems.
However, in Latin America and particularly in Brazil, the job of selling hardware to corporate customers have the dollar as an enemy. Oracle still manufactures its systems in the United States, causing import costs more the Exchange.
Second Cyro Diehl, President of Oracle in Brazil, until last year, every dollar in the pipeline of multinational projects for Brazil if converted at $ 1 in the company's revenue. Today, this conversion rate has dropped from 7 to 1.
" 2015 is being a challenging year for us, but still we are growing, unlike many of our competitors ", said Diehl.
For Luis Meisler, Executive VP of Oracle in Latin America, the impact of the exchange rate on the price of hardware products were unavoidable, unlike part of services and applications, that are worked in local values. For the VP, the data center in Brazil was also a facilitator to keep the prices of these products.
According to Pilar Garcia, VP of Oracle Systems Satan, the exchange rate is not a deterrent to grow. According to the Executive, in 2015 the company recorded positive percentages by decreasing the difference in market share for the leading provider of enterprise systems, IBM.
" Made an effort to assess the best conditions to balance the offers and keep our prices competitive in the region, even with the production abroad ", said Garcia.
The Executive gave no details about Oracle's policy to work the prices in the region, in which competes with brands such as HP, Dell and IBM, which have production lines of systems in Brazilian territory, a decision to reduce costs.
On the new line of processors, the Executive explained the decision to bring applications into Silicon, even in a market where virtualization is reducing costs and the frequency of purchase of new equipment.
" the great advantage of these systems is the automation, with a security intelligence operating 24/7 in the chip itself, independently of other layers that run on top. For CIOs who manage critical operations, such as banks and telecoms, brings a great value ", said the VP.

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