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Poston Wed, 23 Mar 2016 3:47 pm

Software maker Oracle database is again suing HP-but now, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), the company Division responsible for hardware and services unit. The suit was filed on Tuesday (22) with the claim that the HPE signed a partnership with the TERiX Computer Company to offer assistance to customers using the Solaris server operating system for a cheaper price than charged by Oracle.
Significant part of Oracle's revenue comes precisely from the sale of support contracts to their catalog of softwares, including Solaris. Recently the company sued other companies that tried to provide this same service at a price considerably lower, and has won some of these actions.
Previously, Oracle had already processed the TERiX itself, which lost the process having to pay $ 57.7 million for damages. In another lawsuit against SAP, who tried to offer these same services through TomorrowNow, Oracle won the action to have proven that the competitor had violated its intellectual property rights in some way, causing the SAP to agree to pay more than $ 356 million. The value initially request was $ 1.3 billion, and the process went in the righteousness of 2007 to 2014-showing that, when it comes to ensuring the sale of software to support your customers, Oracle can be quite adamant and persistent.
The two companies play the new process have a history of disagreements since Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems and began to compete directly with the old HP in the hardware thread. In addition, Mark Hurd, HP's CEO in 2010, was hired by the owner of the Solaris so he resigned in previous company have been involved in a sexual harassment scandal that became public.

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