Oracle is accused of trying to tamper with financial results

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Poston Fri, 03 Jun 2016 9:30 am

A former employee of Oracle's financial sector is accusing the company of trying to make up their numbers with respect to your cloud computing segment. Svetlana Blackburn was Senior Manager of the company's finances and was in front of a court in the United States to denounce the action, for which even would have been fired by refusing to participate in the scheme.
According to the testimony of Blackburn, she would have been ordered, in the second half of last year, to include millions of dollars in additional provisions in a financial report that would be presented to investors and, subsequently, to the rest of the market. According to her, the numbers wouldn't have any concrete base or procurement forecast that, what, then, constitutes an improper attitude and suspicion.
The Manager, then, would have refused to do so, taking their complaints to superiors and stating that expose the practice to justice if she were held. For Blackburn, the Oracle would be trying to fit \"the round hole square\", in order to make your cloud computing segment look better than it really is, the reflection of this refusal would have been fired. After a positive evaluation of its work in August, she would have received extremely heavy criticism in the report of the month later, coming, finally, to be kicked out in October. The claim is that it would have taken a path that turned legal and ethical criteria of the company, in addition to taking a tough and little aligned to upper management.
In his testimony, Blackburn said she didn't know if the accounting fraud actually existed throughout the end of his work for the company or after his departure. She asks for financial compensation and accuses Oracle of illegal retaliation for having been fired after refusing to participate in illegal activities, in compliance with the legislation that protects employees in cases like these, the encouraging report the bad practices.
The Oracle has spoken briefly on the subject, stating that he does not agree in any way with the allegations and that will make a defense to check that everything is correct with your numbers. The company said that Blackburn was fired due to underwhelming performance and rated the process as to why her \"malicious\".

Source: ... r-results- -68365/financial
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Poston Thu, 09 Jun 2016 8:57 am

If it's true or not, I think this news already raised the yellow flag to audit.
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Thomas F. G

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