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Poston Fri, 29 Jul 2016 10:02 am

Oracle and the Computer Action entered in the sights of the car wash, due to a contract closed by the action with Oracle technology in the Bank of Brazil in 2010, in which the Federal police suspect there were payment of kickbacks to a consulting firm controlled by José Dirceu.

Second reveals the State of São Paulo in its Thursday Edition, 28, Enio Issa and Maurice David Taiwo, two former partners of the action (the company was sold to Ingram Micro in October last year) have given statements to this effect to the PF in late June.

Paid R$ 4,900,000 action between April 19 and 26 June 2010 to the Construction Enterprises and representations, days after Action participate, in February, of a bid from the Bank of Brazil to supply software and win in March Oracle technology contract worth R$ 53,200,000.

The credential, which is based in Bradenton, in São Paulo, belongs to Eduardo Aparecido de Meira and Flávio Henrique de Oliveira Macedo, both arrested in may in the 30th round of the car wash.

The researchers claim that the company would be used to channel for former Staff José Dirceu and other bribes from politicians closed contracts with the federal Government in the areas of oil and gas, energy and technology.

According to the associated press, investigators are still looking for whoever was the recipient of the money paid by Computers, which has seven active contracts today on the Bank of Brazil.
The investigation began earlier this year after the federal judge Sergio Live authorize the breaks tax and banking secrets of the credential.

According to Teixeira, former Vice-President of Action responsible for Government and large accounts, payments for the credential were made at the request of the Memora, a company with headquarters são Paulo and Brasilia which was one of the competitors bidding on the Bank of Brazil along with Oracle.

Both the Menora as the tournament Action in the same public notice along with five other companies. According to the former President of action, Enio Issa, the action would have paid Commission for the Menora.

According to Tahir, the contact between the action, the Menora and the credential would have been started by Geraldo Tariq, senior sales Director for Oracle's public sector (the Executive left the company in 2012 and today owns the Qubo, headquartered in Brasília).

Would have participated in the meeting a representative of Memora, Giovani, name and a consultant \"high high\" – after Teixeira acknowledged as being one of the partners of the credential, tells the associated press.

Teixeira said the PF that the action was not intended to get into the bidding of the Bank of Brazil, but Tariq said \"Oracle would make the changes needed to adapt the notice with invitation to bid the Bank of Brazil\".

The Executive said that it was agreed at the request of the Memora that payments would be made directly to the consultant of the credential for \"tax issues\". Teixeira said he didn't know that the consultant to be paid was one of the partners of the company itself credential.

Subpoenaed to provide documents by the Feds, the action provided contracts and notes related to credential other business with public agencies, but not BB, a fact that would have drawn the attention of investigators, according to the associated press. According to the action reported to the researchers is \"hazing the absence of written contracts\".

Oracle, Computer Action and Menora were sought by the associated press and denied irregularities through their press offices.

Oracle said no comments specific investigations, but stressed that is committed to \"conduct their business with the high standard of ethics\" and that \"investigates allegations of misconduct seriously and cooperate fully with any request of government authorities.\"

Ingram already pointed out that the facts have taken place five years before the acquisition of action and stated that it \"has collaborated with Brazilian authorities to elucidate the facts and will continue to contribute effectively to ongoing investigations\".

Memora said it \"never kept any business relationship with the company Credentials\" and that " unaware of and is not responsible for any kind of request for payment of the company " Action.

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Poston Tue, 02 Aug 2016 2:46 pm

And the car wash arrived in another government black box called technology, means had already arrived before with Paulo Renato in the case of the Consist and it's good to make it clear that if you look well it wasn't just the Oracle to pay tuition fees, other Giants must is involved in this move.
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