Pirated Micros card readers, confirms Oracle

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Poston Wed, 10 Aug 2016 9:54 am

Oracle, the American software giant, confirmed on Monday that credit card readers Micros were pirated in restaurants and hotels around the world.
Oracle Security " has detected a virus in certain " Micros systems, reveals a letter sent to clients obtained by AFP.
" Oracle prompts its customers to change their passwords for all accounts Micros ".
The enterprise software giant bought the Computers two years ago, in a transaction valued at 5.3 billion dollars.
At the time of acquisition, Micros was used in more than 330,000 restaurants, shops and hotels, from 180 countries.
Oracle didn't reveal the extent of the attack, which the Russian site KrebsOnSecurity.com assigns to a Russian organized crime group with a reputation for hacking banks and shops.
In the letter to customers, Oracle says its internal systems and other services in the cloud are not violated, and that the credit card data are encrypted.
The California-based company said it upped its security measures.

Source: http://exame.abril.com.br/tecnologia/no ... rms-oracle
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