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Poston Wed, 21 Sep 2016 9:11 am

Oracle wants to dethrone the Amazon of the market leader in cloud computing.
The goal was set by the company's President, Larry Ellison, during the opening keynote from Oracle Open World in San Francisco, on Sunday, 18.
The main weapon of the Oracle in combat must be price. Mirza said that the so-called Generation 2 IaaS ofecerá twice the computing power and memory, four times more storage and ten times more i/o for 20% less than the competitor's value, resulting in a price of $ 5.4 per hour, against $ 6.82 from Amazon.
\"I respect the Amazon, they were pioneers in this area, but we're going to jump on them,\" said Mirza, noting that cloud computing is a \"coffee as gasoline or energy\" and that in this context is the most important price differential.
But not every Oracle's strategy is based on price, a requirement which, in fact, the multinational can expect a quick answer from Amazon, known for aggressive discounts on the values of its services.
In his presentation, Ellison emphasized that the new offer from Oracle will follow the technological strategy of other company's offerings.
For enterprise customers, the most important part of this is the commitment to compatibility of structures in public, private clouds and own data centers, in addition to the adoption of open standards technology.
\"Even though most end up migrating to the cloud, we still have at least 10 years of coexistence between different approaches,\" predicted Elisson.
Keep an eye on it, Oracle announced the Cloud @ Constumer, an offer by which the client can have on their local infrastructure a machine with hardware and software identical to the data center of the company, charged by the same model of monthly payments.
Elisson put the market entry of infrastructure as a service (IaaS, the acronym in English) as a further step of Oracle in the cloud computing, in which the Executive believed to have left other competitors in the dust.
Elisson's vision, Oracle won the SAP when it comes to software as a service (SaaS), in applications such as software, and IBM when the theme is platform-as-a-service (PaaS) in middleware and analytics offerings.
Larry Ellison has made in his keynote the leaders of technology giants do: set a goal and made it look like she will be easily achieved. The reality is a little more complicated than that.
For starters, Amazon's advantage is great. According to a survey by Synergy Research Group, the company has alone 31% and fresco in the cloud market, followed by Microsoft (11%), IBM (8%) and Google (5%). Some analysts point to the Alibaba as an emerging player, for its strength in China. Oracle does not appear in the list.
In addition, the company's results still come largely from the old model of sales. In the first fiscal quarter of the company, the company's revenue was $ 8.6 billion, a rise of 2% in which locally installed software accounted for $ 6.8 billion.
Even so, we should not underestimate the ability of Oracle to implement the goals of the Elisson.
The recipes of SaaS and PaaS in cloud were $ 798,000,000, which means an increase of 79%. Total revenues, including IaaS cloud services, where the company wants to enter with force now, were $ 969,000,000, an increase of 61%.

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Adriano Alves
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Poston Wed, 21 Sep 2016 9:20 am

If you're going to make it or not, we will wait.
You can see the despair of Oracle calling customers offering Cloud, it will be complicated to take the lead from Amazon, since Oracle will have to overcome first: Microsoft, IBM and Google.
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Adriano Alves
---Para cada problema dificil existe uma solução simples.----

Poston Thu, 29 Sep 2016 2:26 pm

Even if they don't beat anybody, it's always good to have more options.
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