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Poston Thu, 26 Jan 2017 9:56 am

Oracle included São Paulo and six other cities across the world in Cloud Startup Accelerator program launched in India in April last year.

Was not released an official schedule, but the selection must happen even in 2017. The company also has not reported how many startups must be selected. In Bangalore, where the program began, there were five in first class.

Besides são Paulo, entered the expansion two more Indian cities (Delhi and Mumbai), two in Europe (Bristol, England and Paris) plus Singapore and Tel Aviv.

The Oracle startups program offers six months of orientation of business and technical specialists, a coworking space within the offices of the company, access to customers and partners, and, of course, credit for use of cloud Solutions Oracle 50.

At the end of the program, there will be a day of presentations to potential investors. Newcomers in the Indian program, four of the five have received investment.

Oracle notes that will not stake in Exchange for participation. The successful startups can receive two years of credits for Oracle solutions.

\"The cloud is opening room for amazing innovations in all aspects of business and in all sectors. We want to support this new technological revolution driven by " cloud, says Thomas Kurian, President of product development at Oracle.

Oracle is more a company choose São Paulo as an investment destination to attract startups.

The city already houses similar initiatives championed by Google, Telefonica and Itaú, to name three of the biggest.

According to the Global Startup Ecosystem 2015 Ranking, conducted by Compass, the city lies in 12th place the global list, being the only Latin city in the top 20.

Data from ABStartups (Brazilian Association of Startups) disclosed in August 2015 showed that the city housed 1000 startups.

At the time, the figure indicated that são Paulo 28% of startups focused of Brazil, a number 3 times greater than the index of the second placed-Minas Gerais-with 9%.

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