Mark Hurd comes to Brazil for Oracle OpenWorld Latin America

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Poston Mon, 22 Nov 2010 12:27 pm

Mark Hurd comes to Brazil for Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Latin America after buying Sun early last year, Oracle will hold first major event in Brazil of the day 7 to 9 December, happens the Oracle OpenWorld Latin America 2010, in São Paulo. In parallel, the company of Larry Ellison also organise the JavaOne and Oracle Develop 2010. The most anticipated is the presence of the President of Oracle, Mark Hurd, who was protagonist of some events in recent months, as the involvement of his name in an episode of sexual harassment at the time was President of HP and which eventually pave the way in the new job.

Following the American model, Oracle Develop 2010 will bring, in addition to the lectures of executives, parallel events with panels led by experts, showing the use of Oracle applications in various areas of interest, as a way to optimize the business.

The joint implementation of the JavaOne shows that Oracle remains steadfast on projects originating in the Sun with a similar format to Oracle Develop, at JavaOne should appear interesting cases concerning Brazilian reality, such as the use of Java for interactivity in digital TVs and also as technology was applied to the Authorized direct debit system (ADI), used by banks in Brazil.

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Location: Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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