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The University of the West of Santa Catarina (Unoesc) acquired the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA), a system of software, hardware, storage, and networks that offers high availability database for a wide variety of transaction processing.
At the end of 2012, the University realized the data center architecture and performance of database environment were at a critical level, not picking up more the needs of the institution.
By monitoring the environment, it was noted that the level of CPU utilization was above the recommended, peaking at 100% occupancy in a few moments, what caused process queues and slowness in the systems, in addition to the stops for maintenance of the environment.
With that, the Board of YOU decided to look for new solutions.
\"We take into consideration the Triduum of the solution: the hardware sizing Oracle Sun, a consolidated market manufacturer, migration to the enterprise database license, and, finally, Teiko, which has Oracle partner and had already worked with Unoesc\" explains Roseli Rocha Moterle, Manager of information technology at the University.
Once defined, datacenter architecture was proposed a timeline for deployment phases of analysis, migration and data validation.
\"All the steps defined in the scope of the project were accompanied by the Advisory Team and for our internal team Teiko, each step was approved until completion of the project.\" complements Roseli.
A productivity gain was obtained with the speeding up of data, which allowed execution data storage routines during business hours, without affecting the performance of transactions.
\"The physical backup, formerly of 8:0, went to 3:0, and the volume increased 300 GB data at this time. Another benefit is the ease of maintenance of the environment, you don't want to the production area, whereas the integrated solution between hardware and software manage these processes, \"reports.
Founded at the end of the Decade of 60, the Unoesc has over 20 thousand students in 11 units.

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