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Poston Thu, 07 Aug 2014 4:16 pm

Since last week, people from several countries, including Brazil, had to postpone their requests for entry visas to the United States, due to a security flaw in the American Embassy systems, stored in database provided by Oracle.
The suspension was declared by the u.s. Government last week, but according to data from the Bureau of Consular Affairs, the problem began on 20 June in a software update on Consular Consolidated database (CCD, the acronym in English).
According to the Deputy spokesman for the State Department, Marie Harf, the staff of the CCD has been experiencing problems for several months, with deficiencies in performance and need for maintenance.
" Corrected him for trying to solve the problems. However, our database started having performance problems soon after the maintenance be performed ", said Harf to Associated Press. " we predict that it will take weeks to resume full visa processing capacity ", says the note.
In recent open data by CCD, the base had about 100 million submissions of visas, with a growing base of 35 thousand requests each day. The information comes from FCW.com Web site, dedicated to matters of u.s. federal government technology.
The CDC is one of the largest databases based on Oracle technology in the world, and is linked to other important government databases of the United States, as the FBI, Homeland Security and others, with data like biométria ID, name-checking, verification of documents, among other features.
Only in 2013, the u.s. consulates around the world have issued about 9.1 million immigrant visas. In Brazil, there are consulates in são Paulo, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Recife.
According to the u.s. State Department, the people who were affected by the problem will not be reimbursements for losses suffered.
" sincerely Regret any delay, inconvenience or expense to have candidates may have incurred. Although it may be of little consolation to those who have experienced difficulties, we're always very careful to say that travellers do not make travel plans until the visa be in " hands, said the Bureau of Consular Affairs in a statement.
According to Charles Government Division, even when the CDC back to its normal capacity, the issuance of visas can be delayed. In Brazil, for now only passengers in emergency situation, as health treatment and death of a relative, has priority for obtaining visas.

Source: http://www.baguete.com.br/noticias/04/0 ... nco-oracle
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