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Poston Wed, 20 Aug 2014 6:42 pm

The Paquetá bought software from Oracle Retail line to make the commercial planning, optimization of discounts and the assortment of stores.

The contract value is $ 6 million, the implementation begins in April and lasts 12 months.

These are the official information of the company in Rio Grande do Sul, in a note sent to the Baguette on the subject after the portal search the Paquetá for comment information obtained by the reporting portal near sources of market.

The decision by Oracle could mark the end of a long dispute with SAP.

Since 2008, rumors circulate realizing that Paqueta would be studying the migration of their internal development tools for a package from a big suppliers of market.

The financial administrative Director of Paquetá, Jorge Strassburger, confirmed the strategy in 2011, asserting that the decision on what would be done effectively it would take yet another year.

Months before, in August 2011, the Paquetá hired Jorge Nitschke, ex-CIO of Ipiranga, to take YOU through the ProcessusTI consultancy.

The modules chosen Oracle Retail's chosen are strategic, and, according to sources interviewed by the Daily Baguette, could operate integrated management systems legacies of Paquetá.

In the long run however, pointed to the sources, a decision that could bring higher return for the company would also implement a market management system.

The evaluation is that, to generate value, the information generated by the acquired intelligence tools need to be retroalimentadas in the management system, which is not a trivial operation and could require extra legacy ERP development.

Other sources heard by the Baguette showed that the Paquetá did not place on the market a RFP, choosing to bet directly on Oracle technologies, a company that already has a partnership with the footwear producers in the area of infrastructure.

Thus, it seems logical to expect, if you decide to deepen your bet on market tools, the Paquetá decides by buying more Oracle technology, keeping the same end-to-end supplier.

Despite the value of the contract closed now being small, the Paquetá is a client that justifies the years of dispute involved.

The network made $ 2.2 billion last year, a rise of 17%, and announced in the past plans to invest $ 400 million by 2015 to increase its number of stores from 349 to 500 throughout Brazil.

This is the second finger in the eye of the Oracle in SAP competitor when it comes to retail in which runs from year.

In January, Oracle has sold a package of 12 Online Retail software for Marisa. To the largest network of retail stores specializing in female clothing in Brazil, with 410 stores and revenue of $ 2.4 billion in 2012, is a client case for SAP in the ERP area.

Source: [url = : http//www . com br . . baguette/news/20/03/2014/paqueta-chooses-to-oracle] Link
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