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Poston Fri, 19 Sep 2014 10:24 am

Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle's first and only to date, announced on Thursday, 18, his departure from the Presidency of the company he founded in 1977 and whose market value is now $ 182 billion.

With the departure of Ellison, who made 70 years in August, Mark Hurd and Safra Catz will the positions of co-Chairmen of the company to run together the company's business from now on.
Hurd and Catz have shared responsibilities with Ellison since 2010, when Hurd left HP for Oracle. Now the former CEO will maintain his position on the Board of the company and can assume a position coach has not yet disclosed.

" Crop and Mark now will report to the Council of Oracle rather than report to me. All other relationships will remain unchanged. The three of us worked well in recent years and plan to continue ", said the former CEO.

The withdrawal of Ellison, one of the last founding CEOs of Silicon Valley's pioneering companies, was felt by the market, as he pointed to the Wall Street Journal. The company's shares fell 2.3 percent on the Stock Exchange after the news.

For many, Ellison was the last representative of the golden age (and their charismatic CEOs) of computing in the years 80. Now brands such as HP, IBM, Apple, Microsft and Oracle rely on other directions, more conventional, while the eccentricity moved on to newer companies like Google, Larry Page, and Tesla Motors, of Elon Musk.

In addition, the Executive's decision arrives at a delicate moment for the company, which has been struggling with underwhelming results in your billing. Recently, Ellison reorganized the entire company's sales model, passing to offer cloud solutions, via subscriptions and services (SaaS), with unsatisfactory results.

Even with the turbulence, the brand strength has remained unchanged in recent times, and in 2013 came to stanch losses in revenues, closing the year at $ 37,18 billion, rising 0.1 percent compared to $ 37,12 billion in 2012.

Notorious bon vivant, Ellison was notorious for using his fortune in sponsorship the sportsmen. His most famous RAID on America's Cup Yachting competition in which Ellison finances the Team Oracle.

Eccentric, the former CEO was not to make ceremonies in leave work for later in Exchange for your leisure. Last year, during the Oracle Open World event for more than 100 thousand people held by the company in San Francisco, the Executive left to go to his talk at the event to see a proof of the America Cup.

Even so, in charge of the company, Ellison dribbled often threats to their businesses, often with aggressive strategies, like betting on several company acquisitions to increase its supply and fit the new times.

Since 2010, 45 companies were acquired. One of the biggest acquisitions was Sun Microsystems, developer of open technologies like Java and MySQL, purchase that caused a sensation in the global it market.

Another of its characteristics is the chutzpah to make bombastic declarations. In 2012, facing questions about how Oracle would survive in a market towards cloud, Ellsion stated that his company would become the largest company of cloud in the world.

Free from obligations in charge of the company, now must enjoy his fortune Ellison valued at US $ 52 billion. According to Forbes, the Executive figure in fifth place on the list of the richest people on the planet.

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Poston Tue, 30 Sep 2014 6:18 pm

And the Iron Man retired, a feather, the market loses a charismatic and controversial figure who knew how to shake the market " " anyone.
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