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When the current Oracle CEO, Mark Hurd, was in Brazil a year ago, the u.s. company announced the opening of a data center in Brazil, planned for the first semester in Brazil 2014 dde. Twelve months have passed and the Center has not yet come, predictably, played for the first half of next year.
To meet again with the Brazilian press in são Paulo on Tuesday, 09, Hurd repeated the feat of 2013, without any important announcement from the company to the country or the region.
The Executive was in the country and dealt with the subject " Digital Disruption ", a concept already submitted by the company during the Oracle Open World, carried out by the company in September this year in San Francisco.
According to the Executive, the term encompasses the current need of companies adopt innovative technologies for their business, even in a reality in which the budgets are becoming leaner.
" we're in a market where you never had so much information and ways to use it in favor of business, but companies still aren't doing much to enjoy it. However, to do this will win market share, said Hurd ".
According to a study done by Gartner with large global companies, only 10% of budgets are earmarked for innovation and new technologies for business. In addition, a report released by Oracle in November pointed out that, although most CEOs know about the importance of innovation for your business, few are actually doing it.
" nowadays, we have two types of company that innovate completely: those who have innovation in their DNA and those that are almost dying and need it to survive ", evaluated Hurd.
The CEO acknowledged that although " change " is a watchword for you current, little fact is changing, especially in large companies. For him, this change will only really happen when the results appear.
" When a company actually recreate your business from technology and really cause impacts in its segment, the rest will follow ", said.
This new need has become one of the flags of the Oracle in 2014, until then a big name in the sale of software and equipment for these large clients. This year, the company put the foot on the accelerator in your offer cloud, with software, platform and infrastructure as a service.
For Hurd, this is a key survival strategy for the company in the future, and the data center in Brazil is a fundamental part for that.
" we're on schedule for the data center in Brazil. We made the announcement last year, we strengthened it this year and in 2015 we will deliver him ", said Hurd, pushing it down on the delay and without giving further details.
On the other hand, the fight is great. In part of HR, SAP is already moving to provide its initial application in cloud, the SuccessFactors, in a local data center in the country. According to the German company, the service commencement is forecast for the first half of 2015.
On the infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Oracle also has heavy competitors, in a fairly low price range, as in the case of Amazon. Still, Hurd does not intend to retreat from this fight.
" is a commoditized market, but we can compete by offering infrastructure optimized for our applications. Today companies don't want complexity in its operations, customizing environments at different providers. In the future, who simplify your YOU survive ", said the CEO.

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