Who wants to buy the Salesforce? Oracle? IBM? Microsoft?

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Poston Thu, 30 Apr 2015 5:52 pm

The global it market went into uproar at the end of Wednesday, 30, when market sources suggested that the Salesforce, international giant cloud applications, could be acquired.

According to Bloomberg, the company by Marc Benioff has hired advisers to evaluate an offer to purchase, which was reflected directly in the company's performance in the stock market.

With the rumor, shares of surged 10% immediately, taking the market value of the company's $ 47 billion, according to the Business Insider.

But after all, who would be interested in buying the American company? Although many indicate that the acquisition can come from a big company out of the it market, analysts have rushed to point out competitors that could lead the company.

It segment, a favorite can be Oracle, a company with about $ 13.7 billion in cash, another $ 30 billion in marketable assets that can be used in the purchase, not to mention other billion in credit that the company could rise quickly.

Other factors that put Oracle ahead of other candidates is the fact that she has a long history of love and hate with the Salesforce. Marc Benioff began his career at Oracle and has a friendly relationship with the company's founder, Larry Ellison, despite constant provocations among both companies.

Ellison's company announced last year a strengthened focus on their businesses in the cloud, with plans to grow more than $ 1 billion in new services contracts and software cloud in 2015. The addition of Salesforce, a company that grosses $ 5.4 billion annually primarily based in St. cloud, applications would fall like a glove in the plans of the Oracle.

On top of that, it is worth remembering that Oracle never did ceremony to put his hand in his pocket and acquire large enterprises to strengthen their portfolio-in 2004 the company bought the developer of ERP PeopleSoft, a direct competitor.

In spite of all the evidence in favour of Oracle, sources like Buzzfeed has tried to eliminate that possibility, saying that Oracle didn't make the offer for Salesforce.

Microsoft has $ 95.4 billion in short-term investments that could be reversed in a bid by Salesforce, an acquisition that would come in handy to give the necessary impetus to the company's plans to grow in the cloud market.

Moreover, the addition of the Salesforce can be a great incentive for Office 365 sales and its new proposal to be a suite of productivity in the cloud.

IBM, despite not being as good in terms of money in his pocket, was also cited as a possible interested in taking the company of Marc Benioff. With about $ 8.8 billion in business, the company could lift an financing for the purchase.

Big Blue is another company in a decisive moment of business restructuring and investments in area as cloud-the company's expectation of Ginny Rometty is lead gains in cloud for $ 7.7 billion in 2014. These goals would win a big push with om the Salesforce, a company that registers an annual growth of 30%.

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Poston Thu, 07 May 2015 12:00 pm

The Salesforce is a leader following CRM, Oracle would insert another product in the portfolio, considering that she already has the Siebel among other products, as Microsoft it has the Dynamics don't know if valeria only to Microsoft, IBM already would be unknown that I wouldn't bet my chips, the report does not cite, SAP could is running out , I think it would be a good and strategically to SAP buying Salesforce, ERP and CRM, up just hunch, we know that the market is dynamic, it wouldn't surprise me with an offer from Oracle.
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