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Poston Wed, 24 Jun 2015 12:51 pm

Known or their presence in large accounts, Oracle lives a time of breaking paradigms in its history.
After announcing a radical change to become a company with a focus on cloud, now the company's challenge is to increase its presence in smaller clients-the so-called midmarket.
The change of position was chosen by Eduardo Lopez, VP of architecture and Sales consulting for Latin America, during the Oracle Open World Latin America, opened by multinational on Monday, 23.
" the company is investing in a redesign of its customer coverage structure, using the growth of its portfolio cloud as a catalyst of this change ", said the Executive.
A demonstration of this growth was the announcement held on the same day in the United States, where the company announced the migration of 24 new applications for your cloud platform, positioning itself as a full service company software, platform and infrastructure, as the founder and former ceo of the company, Larry Ellison.
\"Oracle has a larger set of software as a service than any other company software or cloud, cloud options for ERP, human resources, corporate performance and supply chain,\" said Ellison.
Strengthening the focus on cloud comes in the wake of a fall on the set of software sales, which in the last quarter dropped 17% compared to the same period in the previous year. On the other hand, in the same period the cloud services revenue increased 29 percent.
For Lopez, the cost reduction proposal by applications in the cloud are the flagship to enter in medium and small businesses, with restrictions on investments or that dropped the Oracle as a supplier of large organizations.
\"They are interested in transforming your business assertively, without the burden of complexity seen in larger operations,\" explains VP of architecture and Sales consulting.
Oracle's interest reflects many other large it multinational, like SAP, IBM, Cisco and others, targeting an increase of more than 100% in medium-sized companies.
An example is Cisco, which has doubled its investments in this area, spending about $ 150 million to generate more than $ 1 billion in qualified leads for small business.
Although it does not disclose numbers to support its strategy, Oracle still has a long way in Brazil. About ERP only, according to a survey published in 2015 from FGV, Oracle is behind companies like Totvs (leader with 40%) and SAP (25%), getting about 17% of.
However, for Lopez, the company is focused on working with clients, this change using the channel ecosystem as Accelerator this process and also an aggressive sales policy.
One such strategy is the expansion of Customer Success, customer tracking cloud strategy, a service that, according to Lopez, no other provider offers segment similar to Oracle.
" More than selling the solution, our focus is to provide the necessary advice to buyers of SaaS and other cloud services, with best practices, and monitoring settings from the first to the last day of the " contract, highlighted the VP.
According to Lopez, the multinational's plan is to have a compact structure to meet this demand, with a consultant for every 15 customers, in a joint effort between Oracle and your ecosystem of partners.
" is something that will also require a change in our sales and consulting force, as we will be increasingly concerned with the process of business than the products themselves, " Lopez.
Although the new strategy is based mainly on cloud portfolio, declared new pride of the multinational, the VP emphasizes that this support structure will also be at the service of customers of hybrid or private infrastructures.
" our goal is to provide a growth of over 100% for our ecosystem, with our partners ready for new and traditional architectures. We will attend to all ", finished Lopez.
* Leandro Souza covers the Oracle Open World in são Paulo at the invitation of Oracle.

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