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Poston Wed, 14 Jun 2017 8:51 am

Hello fellow forum.

Work for almost 20 years with Oracle, PL/SQL, Forms, and Reports. And a bit of XML.
I'm 7 years at my current company, where we use 10 and 11 g with Bank Forms 10 g.
I'vê always been a reasonable amount of time in each company, and always with the same tool.
I majored in computer science and I made a post on managing systems, has some 15 years.
I had some mishaps in life, like everybody else, which made my return to studies, and today I feel outdated professionally.
So, I want and need to upgrade!
I'vê thought about learning Java, but talking to people in this area, I noticed that there are several different platforms, also in my current job I don't have space to use, case study. Difficult to invest in something to leave standing, especially in these times of crisis ...
Other people told me to invest in EBS is expensive and, due to the cost to deploy, many companies don't want. I'vê heard in Java, SOA, Cloud, Big Data, Oracle Retail and, honestly, I was lost.

I would like some tips from colleagues about where a professional in my situation should start to update, keeping in the Oracle world.

Thank you!
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Adriana C. S. Arraes

Poston Wed, 14 Jun 2017 10:41 am

Hello Adriana.

This is the situation of many.
About the Oracle Forms: there are still a few companies that use. But most still have just as " " legacy software. Because they are moving to other technologies. The forms is the new cobol " ". Companies that still use, is because it's very complicated to migrate.

About Oracle EBS: it's a good area, but with the Brazil broke, no company is investing in something so expensive. There was a lot of migration to R12 and then stop there. Many companies migrated to SAP. In other countries, it seems to me that Oracle EBS is going very well. But in Brazil, it's complicated.

Java: is a legal area, although that will require much study and is very hard to find a Junior position in Java. (and get ready because the salary will decrease too).

My opinion: I think I learn SAP is a good, although the courses are too expensive. At least, many companies use.
Java is also a good area because there are many options to work with java. (android, soa, web services, etc).
Learn javascript has been shown to be very useful for a number of things. JavaScript is not just used to validate your html. Became a very powerful language. (NodeJS, MongoDB, etc, all uses javascript)
If you want to totally change, could go 100% web area. (front-end or back-end).
If you like below, can go to DBA area and enjoy your experience with Oracle.

For me, the biggest problem currently is the Brazil ... This Government will end the country very soon. :-(
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Thomas F. G

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