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Poston Tue, 24 May 2011 10:23 am

My Friends, I'm going to do this week the course of " Oracle Performance Diagnostic and Tuning " with our dear Oracle ACE Ricardo Paul Proni.

Once I have finished, I will make a statement about the entire course and the school where he teaches.

Here are the details:
Identify, diagnose and optimize your Oracle database efficiently, always.

No guesswork, assumptions or checklists, quick point – and resolve – bottlenecks and increase your productivity and your users exponentially.

The ability to quickly identify the biggest bottlenecks that delay some database process revolutionizes desembenho troubleshooter, and greatly reduces the time required for its correctness.

In this course students will learn:-history of Oracle Performance Tuning & Diagnostics;
-Presentation of the OWI (Oracle Wait Interface) and their components;
-Architecture of Oracle Database;
-Basic Performance Tuning Parameters;
-Analysis scenarios (Instance, Session, or Statement) and tools used;
-Description of Wait Events;
-Details of Wait Events;
-Details of Wait Events;
-Dynamic Performance Views;
-Extended SQL Trace and Tkprof;
STATSPACK/AWR and SPREPORT-/ASH REPORT-Identify performance issues, with few SELECTs, using Wait Events statistics;
-Monitor the session level bottlenecks and collect historical data for root cause analysis;
-Simulation of low performance in recordings, and resolution;
-Interpret Wait Events related common i/o;
-Accelerate database DML processes;
-Simulation of low performance in readings, and resolution;
-Identify bottlenecks of consultations;
-Diagnose and troubleshoot Locking and serialization;
-Low-performance Simulation with parallelism, and resolution;
-Simulation of low performance in application architecture, and resolution;
-Analyze latency bottlenecks;
-Analysis of performance problems in the present and in the past;
-Optimization and adaptation of SQL commands;
-Learn more about the revolutionary approach to diagnosis and Troubleshooting Oracle 10 g/11 g performance.

[color = red][size = 150]COMMENTS BELOW ADDED in 5/30/2011!!![/size][/color]

My friends as some already know, this year I was awarded a course at NERV informatics- sweepstakes conducted via twitter . So, I did the course of Diagnostic & Performance Tuning and I will leave you my comments about everything!

EXTERNAL IMPRESSIONS the Nerv doesn't have a powerful marketing like the vast majority of schools: If you notice, there are no advertisements on millions of sites or on TV. The Nerv is not in the center of the Avenida Paulista with a glazed plate stays in the Tucuruvi, which is a neighborhood in the northern zone of São Paulo. For those who think the school only with the outer, continue reading you will see that content that is the big difference.

PRIOR REGISTRATION Everything is very organized, very well explained. Every contract with threads is sent to the address of the student. There is no doubt about the prerequisites and the topics that will be discussed.

Who COMES FROM AFAR Who is from other States or from afar, there is the option of staying in a hotel near the school and with free transportation to school. Another difference is that all classes advertised will be taught independent of the number of students enrolled. This is very good for those coming from other States that buy the tickets in advance (my case). There will never be the famous cancellation of type " the class X had to be closed for lack of quorum ". Even if you have only 1 student enrolled, you can rest assured that the course comes out! Who's going to drive, has free parking on the side of the school.

CLASSES classes are made with small classes. In the case of Tuning that I did, the limit is 8 students. For the course of RAC, the limit is 5 students. (in this case, each student gets 2 computers). Upon arrival, students receive a KIT with all printed material, notebook, pen, a t-shirt of Nerv and even a pen-drive to burn the files and exercises. All material is available in electronic format. (book in PDF, sqls in, scripts, etc).

Classes are a mixture of theory, debate and a lot of practice. Every topic discussed is also made a lab and prove our machine what we learn. (tests, survey, inquiries, changes, etc). Whenever a student has any comments, experience or doubt is given 100% attention to that case. That way the class is much more interesting because we also discussed real experiences that have occurred.

The PC ´ s have the basics of software installed. (linux, oracle and sql * developer). All other tools required the student installs itself. All very didactic. Who never installed the tools you learn right there.

SNACKS in the room has a fridge full of juices, soft drinks of all kinds, coconut water, iced teas, etc. Also contains chocolates and other candy. Everything is available to the students catch the will without being charged anything extra for that. (new students get a little shy about attacking the refrigerator, but students who were there who had already done other courses were already without much Rodeo:-) Is a very good learning environment.

In addition, everyone receives a snack, in place of the famous " coffee break ". There's so much inside that only 1 KIT would for 3 days ... And every day we get a whole kit:-D Is eating enough!

PROFESSOR To complete the icing on the cake, the teacher-Richard Paul-is nothing short of an ORACLE ACE, IE, a leading expert in Oracle database, Oracle's own chosen title. On the living room wall, is filled with not only certifications of Oracle, but also [url = ://nervinformatica http . . com br/instrutor2 html .] various technologies [/url]. The professor knows much about it at all, despite having an incredible humility to deal with doubts or even suggestions and tips.

EVIDENCE after training, we make a 100% proof practice where we can apply everything we'vê learned. Professor changes the settings of the Bank so that he gets a wagon! Then we have to use our knowledge of diagnostics, check where is the bottleneck and improving the performance of the machine. This is also a time to learn!

FINAL COMMENT did and really enjoyed it. Who has the opportunity to do, do not miss!

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Thomas F. G

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Poston Tue, 24 May 2011 11:41 am

Good, I'm also keeping an eye on that course! But your wallet here okay skinny at the time ...: lol:
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Ricardo H. Tajiri

Poston Tue, 24 May 2011 1:35 pm

Graaaaaaaaaaande Dr_Gori.
To coming back (slowly, but, I 'm!!!!) lol ...

Congratulations on your course.
By the way, ask for directions.

I intend to take the course WORKSHOP I Oracle 11 g, OCA 11 g certification part (DBA) in SP and in full time.

If anyone has indication of school, thank you.

Big hug,
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Poston Mon, 30 May 2011 12:56 pm

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Thomas F. G

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Poston Mon, 30 May 2011 11:16 pm

dr_gori, how did you do the layout of the displacement and the hotel?
You paid that extra value there to stay in the hotel with transportation to school for free?
Down in which airport? And dali was as to the school?
I'm programming to do this course and takes up as much information as possible!
Big hug!
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Poston Tue, 31 May 2011 11:17 am

Here we go:
dr_gori, like you did the schema of the displacement and the hotel?
You paid that extra value there to stay in the hotel with transportation to school for free?

That, I paid the difference of the HOTEL so Ricardo went on there and sought me and others!

Down in which airport? And dali was as to the school?

I went through Congonhas. I think Guarulhos is closer, on the other hand is another city, namely, the taxi is more expensive.
As I was doing the course with the DBA company here, we ended up taking a TAXI. (it was evening when we arrived, was flag 2, so it cost 77 reais on prepaid, but I think it would be less if it were normal taxi.)
Another way is to take a taxi to the subway station (ST. JUDE) and take the subway until the TUCURUVI (blue line). Is without error, it is the last station of the blue line. Then take another taxi to the hotel.

So, if you have any questions, talk to Luíza she explains the best way! :-o
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Thomas F. G

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