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Poston Tue, 15 Nov 2005 9:07 am

Guys, good morning.

I wonder if, in Oracle, there is a way, a same session, I will give a select in another bank, as for example, in SQL Server.

Example: I'm logged in as Paul in the Bank.

I would like to give a select of type: select bancoB. field from table thank you very much.

Hug, Paulo Cheezburger Network
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Poston Tue, 15 Nov 2005 8:56 pm

Hello cheezburger network you can create a DB LINK between banks. To do this, you must have the CREATE privilege DB LINK. Then you create this way: for example, below I am connected on the test bench. Then I give the following command to create a dblink to the production database:
Code: Select all
create database link NOME_DO_DBLINK
of course, before that, you have to check if the TNSNAMES.Proução Server NOW has a reference to the test bench.

From there, it's just you do a select thus:
Code: Select all
WHERE etc.etc.etc...
of course, what I quoted above is not at all secure. (type this way, anyone testing base will have access to production base. Normally, if you do the opposite. That is, create a dblink production base aiming at base of tests).

Another thing you should not do for security issues is to create a public database link . In other words, anyone can have access to this bank.

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Thomas F. G

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