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Poston Thu, 08 Jun 2017 12:14 pm

I have a problem in a generation/label printing to a printer zebra (ZM400).

I made a Report (RDF) of a tag that is printed on this printer Zebra.
The Forms have two options for this report generation, generating a PDF and viewing on screen, or sending them straight to the printer (there's my problem).
What happens is that I have to issue many copies of these tags.
If I do the generation generating a PDF and opening the same on screen, when I send Print he send to the printer normally generating the labels quickly, and displaying on printer display the amount of copies that have already been printed and how many there are now.
As the service needs to be fast, to expedite created the option to choose the printer in the Forms and also the amount of copies, occurs when it is printed it does not show on the printer display the amount of copies, always shows copies january 1. and not 1 of 1500 for example. But prints the 1500 tags, only a way slower than if I'm printing via PDF, (example emits 3 tags and for a while).

The version of the Reports and Forms that I use is Note: in generating straight to the printer is raised a temporary local Reports server PDF and after that it sends to the printer.

Already accomplished several tests, including changing the printer drive.
I'm guessing the problem is how to send the Reports Server for the printer.

Thank you.

Poston Fri, 09 Jun 2017 11:59 am

Apparently, it really is the way to send the Reports Server to printer.
I would try to look at the reports server logs to see if anything strange.
Location: Seattle, WA, USA

Thomas F. G

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